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Magnus Prime + Magnus Shield Bundle



Take Magnus Prime and Magnus Shield together and experience the benefits in four weeks time.


Suggested Use: Take one tablet of Magnus Shield and one capsule of Magnus Prime together three times a day.


Price: Magnus Prime ($75.95) + Magnus Shield ($52.95) = $128.90

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Magnus Prime is available now. Stock Limited!




Magnus Prime Prostate & Virility Support Formula


Each capsule of Magnus Prime™ contains:

• Secale Cereale (Rye Pollen)

  equiv. to dry pollen                          318 mg

• Serenoa Repens(Saw Palmetto)

  equiv. to dry fruit                             863 mg


Suggested Use: One capsule three times a day with a glass of water.


Content: 90 Capsules


TGA Listing: AUST L: 132392


Price: $75.95


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Magnus Prime is available now.Stock Limited!



Magnus Shield Prostate Formula

Each Magnus Shield tablet contains:


60 mg Graminex G60 (water soluble pollen extract)

3 mg Graminex GFX (fat soluble pollen extract)


Suggested Use: During the first week take two tablets three times daily. From second week on, one tablet three times daily.


Content: 90 tablets


TGA Listing: AUST L 123642


Price: $52.95


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