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Graminex Australia is specialising in prostate remedies to counter modern day ailments.  Discover the miracle of flower pollen and saw palmetto and how it can assist you with your prostate health. Read about the story of Cernitin and saw palmetto and the extensive clinical studies that have been conducted on it.





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Enlarged Prostate?

Enlarged prostate or BPH and Cronic Prostatitis sharing the following symptoms:

  • A weak or intermittent urinary stream

  • Nocturia (Frequent urination in the night time)

  • Incontinence

  • Painful urination

  • A feeling of residual urine in the bladder after voiding.

Magnus PrimeTM  


It supports the body’s prostate gland and urinary system function through the benefits of SP63™. Clinical studies reveal it can decrease the size and congestion at a cellular level.   >>



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  Clinical Trials

Magnus ShieldTM


The British Journal of Urology, August 1999, states Standardized Flower Pollen Extract

is well tolerated and improves overall

urological symptoms, including nocturia.

The American Journal of Urology, May 2000, states that after 6 months of therapy, the prostate glands of males taking

Standardized Saw Palmetto Extract were found to have a contraction in the transition zone, an area of the prostate gland around the urethra


It has a number of physiological effects that could benefit BPH. It has an anticongenstive-antiinflammatory action which could lessen external pressure on the urethra. Additionally Pharmacological effects reported for the pollen preparation are: influence on contactility of bladder, and influence on the metabolism of dihydrotestosterone. >>


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